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WWF - Fishial Recognition

Easily discover sustainable seafood options with the scan-to-find fish app and comprehensive seafood guide.


Mobile app





Image by James Thornton

Fishial Recognition

A mobile app with the purpose of educating people about sustainable seafood through visually appealing UI design and interactive user experience.


Singaporeans love their seafood. In fact, they consume as much as 100,000 tons on average each year — among the highest in Asia. However, many are unaware if their seafood has been overfished or caught in an environmentally harmful way.


The WWF Fishial Recognition app helps identify the species they are about to consume and make a responsible choice. It's as simple as taking a photo of the uncooked fish with the app to find out if it is recommended; acceptable occasionally; or to be avoided. The app also features easy-to-use guides to seafood, responsible restaurants, and sellers. 

By helping consumers be better informed, we hope to protect our favourite seafood before it disappears forever. 



  • Persona

  • Red routes

  • Wireframing

  • Information Architecture

  • UI Design

What I learned

The purpose of the app is to educate users about sustainable seafood by utilising the phone’s camera feature. With a clearly defined user journey of ‘Fish finder’ function, users are able to find out if the fish is unsustainable and is presented with alternative options. The bottom navigation helps users to go through different sections with ease. Additionally, icon representations of fish types and sustainability status in the ‘Seafood guide’ page helps in sorting through the list.​

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